ADRIAN - modul-system

  The ADRIAN modul-system was created for
  standard lines/plants with transporters, which moves
  on guide rails, mounted beside the tank edges.

  the general components of this types of plants are:
  - underframe: made of stainless steel or steel, plastic coated
     on wich the tanks are placed

  - tanks: made of  PP, PVC, PVDF, steel, stainless steel,
     steel rubber coated

  - guide rails: made of stainless steel, placed beside the tank-edges

  - tank edge transporters: epoxicoated, manual-semi-or
     full automatic mode

  - used for: barrel lines, rack lines, basket lines, special lines

  - advantages: favourable design, save space design,
     unproblematic/easy extension, also used for lines in 2 or more rows


                     standard module system for electroplating
                     barrel line with two integrated barrel dryers.

                     standard module system electroplating
                     barrel line for copper and tin.

                     compact system for racks, barrels or baskets.

                     compact system automatic electroplating
                     barrel line.

                     standard module system automatic electroplating
                     barrel line set up in two rows, integrated
                     barrel dryers, storage and cross transporter.