Our range of supply
   Lines for the following surface treatments:
   cr-, zn-, cu-, ni-, sn-, ag-, and au-plating, pickling, phosphating,
   chromating,  anodizing

   - barrel lines for treatment of bulk material / mass products
   - rack line for the treatment of larger and unwieldy articles
   - special lines / industrial lines according to customers requirements
   - modification, extension and improvement of existing lines
   - tank-edge transporters, portal transporters, cross transporters
   - automatic controls with for electroplating lines, switch panels, control units
   - manually-operated lines
   - barrel aggregates, barrel bodies, suspension barrels
   - loading devices, hoisting and tipping for shifting of bulk material
   - exhaust installations, exhaust channels, exhaust piping
   - waste air exhaust systems, fans, air washers
   - tanks made of plastic: PP, PE, PVC, PVDF
   - tanks made of metal: mild steel, stainless steel, mild steel with rubber lining
   - article movement systems, air injection systems
   - reverse transfer installation for electrolytic fluids
   - accessories for the electroplating industry
   - Our experts are always gladly prepared to assist you at your
      specific projects.